We need our farmers three times a day. Support a future for smaller and family farms!

You don’t have to be a farmer or land worker to recognise that small to medium scale and family farms are an asset to our way of life. They provide opportunities to connect with our food and each other. They care about providing affordable, good quality food to their communities. They strive to improve land and landscapes, so that we may improve our world for future generations.

While the membership of the Landworkers’ Alliance is open only to food producers, we invite everyone to join the LWA as a supporter. By supporting our important work you’ll be adding your voice to the movement, you’ll help us to run more trainings and events and we’ll be able to continue lobbying and campaigning for the issues that matter to us as the UK rewrites our entire agricultural policy.

As a monthly supporter of the LWA you will receive:
– Regular updates with our news, events, trainings and more
– Discounts on related courses including all courses with LandBase, and some Charles Dowding courses
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– Satisfaction of knowing your money is going directly toward increasing the voice and capacity of UK agroecological farmers

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