We work closely with the European Coordination Via Campesina – here you can find their recent press releases.

The European Coordination Via Campesina is an organisation representing 27 national and regional farmers’, agricultural workers’ and rural organizations based in 18 European countries. Its principal objective is the promotion of diverse and sustainable family and peasants farming based on the principles of the Food Sovereignty. The European Coordination Via Campesina is recognized by the European Institutions and International Organisations as a stakeholder. It takes part in advisory groups of the European Commission, is invited by the European Parliament to participate in public hearings, and  it is a member of the Civil Society Mechanism in the Committee on World Food Security of the United Nations

We want system change not climate change: EN PR We want system change not climate change 4 March 2015 ECVC

Defending farmers rights to seeds: EN PR Mobilsation seeds 20 January ECVC

International Woman’s day: EN ECVC womem declaration 8 March 2014

Solidarity with Polish farmer’s protests: Press Release ECVC 17 feb 2014

Access to land and land grabbing in Europe: PR ECVC Land conference 19 June 2014

April 17th – international day of peasant struggles: EN final PR 17 April 2014ECVC

Milk crisis and measures to mitigate the effects of the Russian embargo: EN ECVC PR MILK Sept 2014

ECVC meets Phil Hogan’s Cabinet: EN Press release 17 December

Research and innovation must support an agricultural model that is sustainable and fair: EN PR 29 October

You can find more information on their website: www.eurovia.org