Soon our countryside will be a diverse patchwork of mixed farms, busy with people who are proud of their work, nourished by their food and enchanted by the landscape they live in!

Teeming soils build yields, smart grazing builds soils, diversity builds resilience. When more people work the land it produces more food per unit area, allowing us to improve self sufficiency, boost local economies and affording more land for the woods, wetlands and the wilds. As we shorten supply chains and re-focus on national and regional supply chain, we improve efficiency and keep money local, affording us less sweat and more leisure. As we redistribute the power of supermarkets, the bakers, butchers and grocers will bring life back to the high street. Food will be transformed from commodity back into culture. The purple carrot and the orange will will lye beside each other as brothers. Human ingenuity is almost insurmountable, if we bring the best of learning to agroecology and creatively share this knowledge between farmers, we will solve the issues of soil erosion, biodiversity loss and human health that we now face our food system. With more people earning a decent living from the land, rural communities will thrive again; the bustle will return to the market, the buzz to the local pub, the earthworm to the furrow, the lapwing to the hedgerow, the flavour to the tomato!

We have so much to gain, we have so little to loose.
We just need to believe and to organise.

Small farms are the future…