The Landworkers’ Alliance coordinating group consists of a small number of LWA members who take care of the day to day running of the organisation. Currently there are 11 coordinating group members, many of whom have specific roles within LWA, and others of whom help with decision making as well as giving expertise on specific campaigns.

The members vote for the coordinating group every year at the AGM, normally in November.  Here are the current members of the coordinating group:



Lucy Otto

Worcestershire After completing a 2 year Biodynamic Apprenticeship last year I am now managing a market garden and care farm. Having ‘given up’ a successful career in the NHS at the age of 27 in order to learn the very basic skills of living (preparing soil, planting seeds, milking animals etc), I am passionate about […]

Tasha Elena Tucker- Vallecillo

Litlle Brympton, Somerset Communications administrator I run a micro-farm, small farm shop and do catering mostly at festivals with our own produce. I live in an off grid home on our farm and recently won planning permission to run our business and live on site. We managed to do this because of the support members […]

Adam Payne

Lower Hewood Farm, Dorset Press and communications officer, Member of the Coordinating Committee, European Coordination Via Campesina I am farm manager at Lower Hewood Farm, a 45 acre organic farm in West Dorset. We raise sheep and pigs, and run a market garden, selling all our produce to local businesses direct from the farm. Lower […]

Humphrey Lloyd

Edible Futures, Bristol I run an urban council small holding of 0.9 acres in Bristol. On this site I grow salad and veg and also operate a nursery for edible perennial plants. Our produce is sold to Bristol households via a scheme called ‘Salad Drop’ and our veg is sold to cafes and restaurants. Our […]

Ed Hamer

Chagfood, Devon Press and Communications Officer I farm a six-acre community market garden called Chagfood on the edge of Dartmoor and am also co-editor of The Land magazine. For the past two years I have been involved in press work for the LWA, drafting press releases and giving press interviews. More recently I have been […]

Jyoti Fernandes

Five Penny Farm, Dorset Chair person, Campaigns Coordinator and member of the Coordinating Committee, European Coordination Via Campesina Dorset smallholder farmer on our 20 acre low impact holding with Jersey cows, goats, pigs, vegetables and apple juice, cider cheese, and other processed products. I am also a caterer, butcher, and land rights activist (mostly helping […]

Oli Rodker

Ecological Land Co-Operative I’m a Director of the Ecological Land Co-operative which aims to provide affordable access to land through setting up new ecologcial farms. Over that time I will meeting other organisations, helping develop regional contacts and distributing our Feeding the Future brochure. If you have comments or suggestions on how we can campaign and network […]

Bee Laughton

Tamarisk Farm Organic Market Gardener and Campaigns Researcher for LWA (1 day per week), worker member of the Ecological Land Co-operative. I am working with Jyoti on the campaign to get DEFRA to create smallholder/family farmer/agroecology friendly policies, which currently involves creating briefing sheets and a booklet to inform politicians of the issues relating to land […]