Upcoming events

Greenhorns film screening

When? Sunday 25th January 2015, 6pm

Where? Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol

What? A look at the courageous, innovative and inspiring new farmers and growers movement in the States.

The screening will be followed by an introduction to the GROUNDSPRING NETWORK, a UK network with similar aims to the Greenhorns – to connect, support and signpost beginner farmers and growers, and provide a platform to celebrate transition into livelihoods on the land.

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Who are we?

We are a collective of entrant farmers, growers, woodsmen, beekeepers, cheese makers, mushroom pickers, and more. We are a burgeoning community spread across the UK, finding a bigger voice and new energy in coming together. We come from many different ‘camps’; organic/ biodynamic/ permaculture/ forest gardening, some of us don’t subscribe to any particular camp, we are above all non-denominational. We are young and old in years. We work in both urban and rural landscapes. As individuals starting out in sustainable agriculture we are not isolated and alone, hopeless and surrounded by endless fields of industrial agriculture. We are already acting to build a resilient food system for our future. We are braced and booted and seek to be united.

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We are the new entrant branch of the Landworkers’ Alliance.  You don’t have to be a member of the LWA to be involved in Groundspring but there are lots of great benefits! Think you might be able to join the LWA but not sure? Check out the membership page or email landworkersalliance@riseup.net.



We aim to provide orientation in the world of sustainable agriculture. We will welcome people through an attractive and accessible website (coming in the new year!) which will act as a junction box: signposting towards existing support, opportunities and resources such as access to land and finance, business advice. We also aim make visible and connect up existing beginning agro-ecological farmers and growers through an easily usable and interactive map including farmer profiles. This will serve to spread inspiration and awareness of the business possibilities for aspiring farmers.



Intrinsic to strengthening a movement is forging friendships and connections, thereby increasing peer-to-peer support and teamwork. A key objective of Groundspring is to host annual festivals for aspiring and new entrant farmers and growers to celebrate! Through strengthening connections, business collaborations, machinery shares, land shares and skill swaps can emerge.

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Adding to existing momentum

By creating partnerships with a myriad of organisations invested in supporting the new generation of ecological farmers and growers, we aim to add energy to existing networks and organsiations by acting as a springboard to bounce entrants into these groups.

Check out our launch event at Ruskin Mill, Gloucestershire here 


There are many more people that we’d love to get involved with this network and there are many many more people that we’d like to develop it for. Want to get updates or feel drawn to helping this establish and grow? Want to get involved by publicising future events or offer your time like contributing to our in-process-blog? Are you are an organisation supportive of new entrant farming and are interested in linking up?

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Get in touch @ groundspringnetwork@gmail.com