The Land Workers’ Alliance is a national alliance of small & medium scale, ecological and family farmers. We campaign publicly on issues affecting us in the UK. We are a member organisation of La Via Campesina, uniting and aligning us with hundreds of millions of food, fibre and fuel producers around the world.

Membership of the Land Workers’ Alliance is open to individuals, couples, groups and organisations that meet our membership criteria. Members of the Land Workers Alliance are substantially occupied in fuel, fibre and food production and align with the principles of Food Sovereignty. Click here to find out if you are eligible.

If you are a farm that employs a number of people, or a group or organisation whose members meet our membership criteria, you can join as a group and gain membership including all benefits for all of your members. We understand many small farms work on a tight budget so please contact us if you would like to be considered for a reduced rate.

We understand that a great number of people fully align with the work of the Land Workers’ Alliance, and would like to support our work yet do not presently meet the membership criteria. We really appreciate your support! If you would like to join as a supporter member click here.

Level Price  
Producer - Individual/Couple £25.00 per Year. Select
Producer Group/Organisation - Up to 6 people £100.00 per Year. Select
Producer Group/Organisation - Up to 10 people £150.00 per Year. Select
Producer Group/Organisation - 11 people or more £200.00 per Year. Select